A Story Led Me Here

Going where the story goes.

Hey there! Julia here.

I tell stories by sharing truths and using experiences to reveal, transform, enlighten, and heal the soul. I am a life-analyzer, pattern-tracer, people-watcher, and truth-seeker who never turns down an opportunity to do so, even if it is through fictional characters. Exploring ideas of what motivates people to do what they do, love how they love, and make the decisions they make are some of the motivating factors for the stories I tell through words and visuals.

“My mission is to tell stories that encourage others to see, think, feel, and experience life in new and better ways.”



Unbeknownst to Fatima and Cory, they are about to face everything they’ve ran from in the past that will expose their emotional insecurities to the core.


When Sydney and Brandon cross paths, they recognize the issues at home have left them vulnerable to outside influences. Which path will they choose?

“For the longest, I’ve walked around with no sense of being. Felt like parts of me were dead. My life just failed to make sense. Never understood why.”

— Fatima, Parallel Pasts

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