A Story Led Me Here

Going where the story goes.


Strebor Books (2014)

Sydney Holmes is living the result of a bad decision made years ago. A husband and two kids later, she regrets marrying for the ring and not what comes after.

Brandon Carter, on the other hand, has no regrets about the woman he said “I do” to. Unfortunately for him, his wife has gone silent and leaves him to wonder if she’s fallen out of love.

When Sydney and Brandon cross paths, they recognize the issues at home have left them vulnerable to outside influences. Their actions lead them down roads where they must face the consequences of letting their feelings get in the way of the truth.

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Strebor Books (2013)

Fatima doesn’t believe in love. After her parents walked out of her life at an early age, she rejects the word and everything that comes with it.

Cory Hines is allergic to commitment. He refrains from letting women get too close. He has his reasons and he sticks to them even when no one around him understands.

Unbeknownst to Fatima and Cory, they are about to face everything they’ve ran from in the past that will expose their emotional insecurities to the core.

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